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Countdown O-vah–they’ve arrived!

December 12th, 2011

Whew–230am, and the reason I’m not in bed is?

Well, the day “off” work tomorrow helps, but I think I am just ramped up! And it’s not for the reason those who know me would suspect: the Broncos came back to win in the final minutes of the game for the 5th time this season! (For those who don’t know, I’m a 7th (?) generation Coloradan by birth–so my blood runs orange and blue–when it isn’t running purple for my alma mater TCU Horned Frogs!)

It’s ironic to me as I sit and soak in the ESPN and NFL Network gameday final shows–referring to the improbable winning stories by the Denver Broncos, anchored by the 2nd-year quarterback Tim Tebow, as simply “miraculous.”  Why the irony? Because I am more ramped up in the miracle of two orphans from the other side of the globe sleeping safely upstairs in my home as I write this blog post.

Why am I excited? Because of the possibilities that wait for us over the coming days and weeks while Kristaps and Samanta are in our home.  Don’t get me wrong–please.  I am in touch with reality–believe me.  Hmm–just reflecting back to meeting these guys at the airport . . .

Kristaps was stepping forward, quiet in his voice, but friendly–eager to greet–to hug us.  Samanta, on the other hand, was more reserved–understandibly so.  Julie told me later that she was kind-of rolling her eyes–and visibly not happy while we had some pictures snapped when we first met them (one required by New Horizons).  She’s a teenage girl–from what I know and remember from having a sister, not to mention some of the girls I dated as a teenager, a little attitude is normal.  Heck, a lot of attitude can come from my teenage boys–that’s for sure! ;)

And the drive home? Well, you know me, the salesman . . . I can keep a conversation going–usually!  It was difficult, no two ways about it.  They were exhausted from their travel–and add to that the 7-hour change to their internal clocks coming across the Atlantic, and of course, there’s the language barrier too.

We’d learned a few words–like Sveiki = Hi.  But I learned quickly that it is Kristaps’ skills with English that are going to make this experience much easier than it could be.  And being in the dark while driving a larger vehicle we borrowed (that could seat 6) were challenges as well.  (Our cars seat 5 max!)

Overall, though, I’d say it went well.  Samanta is 5’2″ not 4’2″, however.  So that misinformation is going to put a little shopping on the agenda for her and Julie, I’m sure.  And several of the other expectations we had didn’t come to fruition at all.  They didn’t smell bad–in fact, it wouldn’t suprise me to find out some day, that our boys stunk to them–ha.  Also, we were told to teach them that they can flush the toilet paper here–that they didn’t have to put it in the trash as they do in Latvia.  They knew that, and they each had a medium sized duffle bag that seemed very full.  So they had more possessions than I’d expected, but I don’t really know what they brought with them (no–I didn’t look).

My good friend, Jim, helps me with blogging, and he mentioned the other day, “you know having them in your home is just like getting used to using WordPress to blog–it will get easier as you have more experience.”  His wisdom is quickly becoming reality to me, but at the same time, I am still very aware that as the time logged as experience climbs–it remains small compared to the relatively mile-high (there you go Bronco fans) peak of possible lessons that are available to us because of the brief window of time we have been gifted to spend–celebrating the birth of a Savior who came and lived as one who was fatherless (in the eyes of men) and truly an alien–with Kristaps and Samanta. Orphans and aliens in a foreign land–desperate enough to brave the incertainties and risks–for the chance of grasping just a handful of hope.

Please pray with us that somehow–  some way– our very imperfect home can be a place that brings them some hope . . . along with an experience of love and authentic faith.  Faith in an orphaned alien–the possibility of changed lives forever–of living hope . . . from staying in my home for 28 days?

Now that, truly, would be a miracle!

(I will be posting video and photos via facebook throughout our experience as well–please look me up there, Curtis Martin, if you’d like to!)

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